As art historians and museum docents know, managing a collection involves not only caring for the pieces themselves—a massive undertaking in and of itself—but also bringing in revenue through enticing displays.


One survey of North American museums found that more than 20 percent of respondents estimated their 2020 financial losses at more than half of their average revenue—all because of the coronavirus pandemic.


The right museum storage solutions can both preserve museum and art collections and allow for safe and easy access to pieces when the time is right. 


Paintings & Sculptures


Montel’s pull-out art racks store paintings, photography, and other two-dimensional items the way they were intended to be stored, not propped up or lying flat. With floor-mounted or freestanding modular or wall-mounted options, anti-vibration technology, and strong metal mesh construction, art racks are an intelligent organizational choice for any museum or gallery with a large hanging collection.


Three-dimensional art pieces are notoriously difficult to store efficiently, but an integrated Mobilex mechanical-assist storage system, with sturdy adjustable shelving (one-inch increments) and ergonomic SafeCrank handles, can accommodate and protect sculptures, artifacts, memorabilia, and more. If it doesn’t fit on traditional shelving, then chances are Mobilex can hold it with just a few minor adjustments—no 


Tapestries & Rare Books


For delicate textiles, museums likely have preferences for how they ought to be stored: rolled, hung, flat, in drawers or in climate-controlled conditions. Luckily, Montel’s Mobilex and SmartShelf storage systems are endlessly customizable and, so long as the space allows, can be constructed to the dimensions needed to preserve any material.

Rare Books

Montel is known the world over for our library solutions and high-density off-site book depository projects. But rare books and manuscripts are a different story—these items often require climate-controlled environments and careful handling, if any handling at all. Like tapestries, too much exposure can ruin old books and ancient manuscripts.


Mobilex mechanical-assist storage systems and SafeAisle powered storage systems, especially with ePulse monitoring technology, can create a secure space for these delicate materials and track access to them with total precision.

Tapestries & Rare Books

Museum and Fine Art Storage from Montel

Museum and Fine Art Storage from Montel

Does your museum or art gallery need 21st-century storage solutions for your massive collections? Contact your local Authorized Montel Distributor and ask about our free, no-obligation assessment, including 2D and 3D renderings of how your brand-new storage solutions would look in your space.


Want to see our museum and art storage in action? Check out our installations at the Clyfford Still Museum and History Colorado.

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