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Residential Office Mobile Shelving Storage

  • Residential, Office, Storage, Shelving, File, Folder, Books, Box, Boxes, Documents, Filing, High Density Filing Storage Systems, Compact Filing, Office Storage, Office Mobile Storage, Office Shelving
  • Residential, Office, Storage, Shelving, File, Folder, Books, Box, Boxes, Documents, Filing, High Density Filing Storage Systems, Compact Filing, Office Storage, Office Mobile Storage, Office Shelving

Optimize Storage Efficiency at Your Residential Office with Montel’s Customizable, High-Density Storage Solutions.


In residential offices with lots of paperwork and articles, you have enough to think about without worrying about what to do with all your office supplies. That’s why it’s important to have a storage system that will allow you to make the most of your capacity, to rapidly find what you need when you need it and to adjust to accommodate changing circumstances.


With Montel, you can simply and efficiently address all of these concerns for all your papers, pens, pencils, binders, boxes, sheets, files, folders, etc. Our industry-leading storage systems guarantee efficient, practical storage for office supplies of all kinds that will greatly boost your capacity compared to conventional systems. They can be customized to suit your storage needs, whether that means locating your storage near where supplies will be used for ease of access, employing lockable drawers and cabinets for enhanced security.


Compact and modular, QuadraMobile is a great fit for any residential office because it’s streamlined, taking up no more than three meters, and intelligently designed. Smart space management involves avoiding fixed structures—and QuadraMobile’s mobile shelving lets you do exactly that, as Montel’s leading-edge SmartShelf shelving is mounted on a light, movable carriage (either mechanical or electrical, according to your preference). Use Quadral when you need to store files or other items in a confined room, next to a wall and so on. The light, handle-free carriage base supports Montel’s versatile SmartShelf shelving and moves laterally, allowing you to make full use of your residential office storage space without wasting a square inch.


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