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Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving, Mobile Shelving Storage
Mobile Shelving, Manual, Mechanical-Assist, or Electrical, Powered,...


Shelving Storage Solutions
Cantilever Library Shelving, 4-Post Shelving, A-Frame Display Shelving,...


Art Racks, Art Panels, Screen, Mesh, Storage
Storage Panel Systems. Art Racks. Tool Racks. Pull-Out Storage Panel...

Cabinets Multi-Storage

Cabinets Storage
Display cabinets, office cabinets, multimedia cabinets, museum cabinets,...


Lockers, Metal Lockers, Welded Metal Locker, Locker
Athletic Storage Lockers, Police Lockers, Personal Storage Lockers,...


Books Cart
Library Carts, Book & Utility Trucks, Art Carts, Collection Carts,...

Accessories - Shelving Accessories

Media Box Shelf
Media Box Shelves, Slat Steel End Panels, Overhead Aisle Lighting,...

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Mobile Shelving

Mobilex Mechanical Assist Storage

Mobilex, Movable, High Density, Storage, Shelving, Mechanical, Mobile, Shelves, Shelf, Compact Filing, Compact, Filing, Manual, SpaceFront, High, Density
Mobilex offers organizations the flexibility to customize their mobile shelving systems to suit their...

SafeAisle Powered Mobile Storage

SafeAisle, Mobile, Moveable, Powered, Electrical, Shelving, Storage, Safety, Secure, High Density, Compact, Shelf, Shelves, System
SafeAisle is a revolutionary high-density powered mobile shelving storage system that is an industry...

QuadraMobile Modular Flooring...

QuadraMobile, High Density, Mobile, Movable, Powered, Shelving, Storage, System, Mechanical, Manual, Modular, Mobile Shelving Storage, Mechanical Shelving Storage
Modular and compact, QuadraMobile is a modular mobile shelving storage system geared for offices, clinics,...

SmartSpace Plus Light-Duty Storage

SmartSpacePlus, High Density, Mobile, Movable, Shelving, Storage, System, Mechanical, Manual, Modular, Mobile Shelving Storage, Mechanical Shelving Storage
Montel’s SmartSpace Plus storage systems bring practical, efficient, and cost-effective storage solutions...

Quadral Lateral Movable Storage

Quadral, Lateral, Mobile, Movable, Compact, Filing, Modular, Expanable, Shelving, Shelves, Shelf, Storage, Lateral Mobile Shelving Storage, Compact Filing Storage
Quadral is a compact, high-density lateral movable shelving system that efficiently leverages the available...

RACK&ROLL 16 Industrial Compact...

Rack&Roll 16, Rack, Racking, Mobile, Movable, Racks, Mechanical, High Density, Mobile Racking, Movable Racking, Moveable Racking
Developed specifically for warehouses, RACK&ROLL 16 is a mechanical mobile racking system that enhances...

SAFERAK 32 Industrial Powered...

SAFERAK, SAFERAK 32, Mobile, Movable, Pallet, Rack, Racking, Powered, Mobile Pallet Racking, Mobile Racking, Movable Racking, Movable Racks
Developed specifically for warehouses, SAFERAK 32 is a powered mobile racking system that enhances efficiency...

SAFERAK 60 Industrial Powered...

SAFERAK, SAFERAK 60, Mobile, Rack, Racking, Moveable, Movable, Powered, Pallet, Storage, High Density, Industrial, Warehouse, System, Electrical
Developed specifically for industrial environments, SAFERAK 60 is a powered mobile pallet racking system...


SmartShelf® 4-Post Hybrid...

SmartShelf, Shelving, Storage, 4-Post, Shelf, Shelves, System, Shelving Storage, Shelving Storage, 4-Post Shelving, Four Post
With its inspired four-post hybrid shelving system, SmartShelf Shelving System is an open-ended shelving...

Aetnastak Cantilever Shelving

Aetnastak, Cantilever, Shelving, Storage, Shelf, Shelves, System, Drawer, Tray, Library Shelving, Aetnastak Cantilever, Aetnastak Shelving
Aetnastak is a cantilever shelving system that allows libraries of all kinds to store books of all formats....

Hybria 4-Post Library Shelving

Hybria, 4-Post, Shelf, Shelves, Shelving, Storage, Bookshelves, Book, Books, Hybrid, 4 Post, Cantilever, Library Shelving, 4 Post Shelving
Hybria is an elegant library shelving solution that combines aesthetic appeal with storage efficiency,...

A-Frame Display Shelving

Montel A-Frame Display Shelving
A-Frame Display Shelving is a stylish modular design unit for increased collection visibility for today's...

Hybria Curve 4-Post Library...

Hybria Curve Shelving Storage
Hybria Curve is an elegant library shelving solution that combines aesthetic appeal with storage efficiency,...

Cabinet Style Case-Type Shelving

Case-Type, Case Type, Cabinet, Cabinet Style, Shelf, Shelves, Shelving, Doors, Drawer, Tray, Storage, Filing Cabinet, Filing Cabinets
Cabinet Style case-type shelving can increase productivity by refining filing and storage in office,...

4D Wide Span Racking

4D Wide Span, Wide Span, Long Span, Heavy-Duty, Wide Span Racking, 4-Post, Shelving, Storage, Shelves, Shelf
4D Wide Span is a long-span, heavy-duty, four-post shelving system built for items of unusual heights...

High-Bay Shelving Off-Site Storage

HI-BAY, High-Bay, High-Bay Shelving, Off-Site High-Bay Shelving, Off-Site Storage, High Pile Storage, Archival Record Storage, Book Depositories, Book Depository
High-bay shelving off-site storage solutions are available as stationary high-bay shelving systems or...


ModulArt Storage Panels Kit

ModulArt, Art Racks, Art Panel, Sliding Panel, Rack, Panel, Panels, Racks, Storage, System, Screen, Mesh, Sliding, Sliding Storage Panel
ModulArt Storage Panels System is a freestanding, compact pull-out storage panels system on wheels that...

Art Rack Pull-Out Storage Panel...

Art Racks, Panel, Rack, Storage, Suspended, System, Screen, Mesh, Sliding,Pull-Out, Floor Mounted,Ceiling Suspended, Art Panels
Montel’s Ceiling-Suspended and Floor-Mounted Pull-Out Storage Panels (Art Racks) feature a movable...

Mobile Storage Panel Systems

Art Racks, Panel, Rack, Storage, System, Screen, Mesh, Sliding, Lateral Sliding Rack, Mobile Storage Panel
Montel’s multi-purpose Mobile Storage Panels feature a lateral sliding rack system that combines efficiency...

Cabinets Multi-Storage

Cabinet Style Storage Cabinets

Cabinet style, Cabinet, Case type, Doors, Storage, Drawer, Tray, Museum, Safety, Secure
Montel offers a complete range of storage and file cabinets for all types of material. The system includes...

BREP Periodicals Display Storage...

BREP, Periodical Cabinet, Periodical, Cabinet, Magazin, Display, Flip Shelving, Flip Shelving Cabinet, Flip Shelving Storage
The BREP Periodicals Display Cabinet is an aesthetically appealing choice for displaying newspapers,...

MultiMedia Storage Cabinets

MultiMedia, Storage, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Tape, VHS, Beta, Doors, Drawer, Tray, Safety, Secure, Cabinet
Montel’s MultiMedia fixed, stand-alone storage cabinets efficiently manage storage of diverse audio,...

Entomology Storage Cabinets

Entomology, Storage, Museum, Cabinet, Specimens, Entomology Cabinet, Entomology Cabinet Storage, Museum Entomology Storage
The secure and sealed storage of various specimens is an important factor in the preservation of insects....

Garment Storage Cabinets

Garment, Storage, Cabinet, Cabinets, Museum, Garment Storage, Garment Cabinet, Garment Cabinets, Garment Cabinet Storage, Garment Museum Storage, Garment Museum Cabinets
The handling and conservation of rolls of textiles require flexible, large capacity storage systems.

Geological Storage Cabinets

Geological, Geology, Cabinet, Cabinets, Storage, Museum, Geological Cabinet, Geology Cabinet, Geological Storage Cabinet, Geology Storage Cabinet, Doors, Drawer, Tray, Safety, Secure
Designed to protect and preserve the essence of your extensive, rare geological collection, Montel’s...

Specimens & Artifacts Storage...

Specimen, Artifact, Storage, Museum, Cabinet, Doors, Drawer, Tray, Specimen Storage, Artifact Storage, Specimen Cabinets, Artifact Cabinets, Specimen Cabinet Storage, Artifact Cabinet Storage
Montel’s specimen and artifact cabinets are versatile, sturdy and reliable, designed to satisfy all...

Textile Storage Cabinets

Textiles, Storage, Doors, Drawer, Tray, Museum, Cabinet, Safety, Secure
The handling and conservation of rolls of textiles require flexible, large capacity storage systems.

Zoology Storage Cabinets

Zoology, Zoological, Cabinet, Cabinets, Zoology Storage Cabinets, Zoological Storage Cabinets, Zoology Cabinet, Zoological Cabinet, Zoology Storage, Zoological Storage
Designed to protect and preserve the essence of your extensive, rare geological or zoological collections,...

Conservation Storage Cabinets

Conservation, Storage, Cabinets, Museum, Cabinet, Conservation Cabinets, Conservation Storage, Conservation Storage Cabinets, Safety, Secure, Doors, Drawer, Tray
Designed and engineered to house a variety of museum collections, Montel’s conservation storage cabinets...

Herbarium Storage Cabinets

Herbarium, Storage, Museum, Cabinet, Specimens, Herbarium Cabinet, Herbarium Cabinet Storage, Museum Herbarium Storage
Designed and engineered to keep your specimen collection safe from dust, light, insects and water, Montel's...


Police Storage Lockers

Lockers, Storage, Police Storage, Police Lockers, Police Storage Lockers, System, Welded, Metal, Welded Metal, Security, Safety, Secure
Police lockers storage.

Tactical Storage Lockers

Tactical, Lockers, Storage, Locker, Tactical Lockers, Tacitical Storage, Tactical Storage Lockers, Tactical Lockers Storage, Steel Lockers, Metal Lockers
Tactical Storage Lockers

Evidence Storage Lockers

Evidence storage lockers, Lockers, Storage, System, Security, Evidence, Welded, Evidence Storage, Welded metal, Metal, Safety, Secure
Evidence Storage Lockers

Athletic Storage Lockers

Athletic, Storage, Lockers, Locker, Athletic Storage, Athletic Lockers, Lockers Storage, Steel Lockers, Welded Locker, Welded Corridor Lockers Storage
Athletic Storage Lockers

Corridor Storage Lockers

Corridor, Storage, Lockers, Locker, Corridor Storage, Corridor Lockers, Lockers Storage, Steel Lockers, Welded Locker, Welded Corridor Lockers Storage
Corridor Storage Lockers

Mine Storage Lockers

Mine Storage Lockers, Mine Lockers
Mine Storage Lockers


Book & Utility Trucks

Carts, Book Carts, Utility Carts, Utility Carts, Book & Utility Carts, Library
Montel’s book & utility trucks provide functionality, mobility, elegance, and sturdiness.

Medical Carts

Medical Cart - Pharmacy Cart
Montel's medical carts offer enhanced versatility & effective mobility.

Accessories - Shelving Accessories

Media Box Shelf

Media box shelf, CD storage, DVD storage, Aetnastak, CD shelving, DVD shelving, Library
Montel's media box shelf is a one-piece ready to install preassembled partitioned box sized to display,...

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