For any business to run smoothly, its custodial staff has to have all the resources it needs to keep things rolling. Often, these men and women are the unsung heroes, working diligently and thanklessly behind the scenes, maintaining the facilities and optimizing operations on the ground floor. It should come as no surprise companies succeed and fail by how well their custodial crews are treated. An investment in maintenance storage can enhance productivity by providing custodians a helping hand as they set about their daily upkeep.

"Real smart storage shouldn’t need its own maintenance crew to assemble."

It takes all kinds

Maybe the average 9-to-5ers can fit everything they need inside a single desk drawer, but maintenance staff utilize a diverse array of tools and utensils, any of which could be required at the drop of a hat. But instead of relegating this menagerie of equipment to overpacked broom closets scattered across the building or a dark basement, businesses should establish a single location for everything, one powered by smart storage solutions.

Flexible, static shelving like SmartShelf allow for a range of customization options. Frames adjust easily, even for people who don’t work with their hands for a living. Real smart storage shouldn’t need its own maintenance crew to assemble, but maintenance crews would be remiss to not take advantage of all that smart storage can offer. Sturdy construction and high-density design gives teams the ability to store whatever they need however they need it. When maintenance crews are called in, unnecessary downtime can’t gum up the works. Timing is everything, and with a custodial team’s tools in one safe, organized location, storage can maximize their integral expertise.

Lock it down for peace of mind

Maintenance work can eventually mean long hours and late nights. Staff may require space to store personal items, a change of clothes or even a mid-shift snack. Depending on their line of work, custodians may also need to bring extra tools or equipment of their own. All this stuff can incrementally reduce the amount of room in a maintenance team’s headquarters, creating clutter and stifling output.With on-site lockers, custodial staff can separate their work lives from their home lives, keeping their workstations tidy and devoid of distractions. In turn, they’ll work more efficiently knowing their belongings are safely locked away.

Go places with mobile storage

As much as every maintenance staff deserves a gigantic warehouse full of resources and space to take on their daily tasks, most don’t get much in the way of work space. Mobile storage can put that issue to rest by reducing a facility’s storage footprint while still providing ample opportunities to organize.

Storage equipped with Mobilex technology only uses one aisle at a time. Its collapsible design cuts previous storage requirements in half, leaving maintenance crews with extra room to repair equipment as well as more space to shelve every tool in their toolbox – and then some. A fully furnished custodial staff can respond to any and all problems with the speed and know-how their industry is famous for.

Founded in 1924, Montel is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of high-density mobile storage systems for a multitude of markets, including libraries, museums, industrial warehousing, education, healthcare, public safety, military, sports and indoor vertical farming.

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