Do you look at your garage and imagine what it could be if it were just a little more organized? If only it wasn’t just a repository for junk. Fortunately, the right residential garage storage solutions can transform a disheveled pit of despair into a sanctuary of storage efficiency.

High-density shelving has side access, making it easier to get into storage even with a car parked in front of the unit.

Store it all with smarter garage storage

 In your head, run through all the items in your garage right now. Even with a devoted organizational effort on your behalf, many of the things you’ve got squirreled away could never fit in a typical cardboard box or plastic container. What about your trusty rake? Your mother’s Persian rug? And even if you could box a lot of things up, you might not want to. Wrapping up a garden hose in a neat coil is hard enough, but storing it away and taking it back out every time you need it? That’s not a reliable system.

Instead, invest in SmartShelf technology, combining high-density customizable frames with hooks and latches. High-density shelving has side access, making it easier to get into storage even with a car parked in front of the unit. Conventional storage with exclusively front-facing drawers or cabinets wouldn’t work, leading homeowners to choose between storing their belongings or preserving the family car from the elements.

SmartShelves can be adjusted to fit a homeowner’s exact needs, and everything else can still have a its own assigned spot, hanging upright, off the ground and out of the way. Even the family bicycles can be stored vertically, ensuring they’re ready to roll come the next outdoor adventure.

The garage that wasn’t a garage

 Maybe by cleaning your garage, you hope to turn it into something other than a storage space. A well-maintained garage can double as a tool bench for home do-it-yourself projects, a rehearsal space for a budding rock band, a safe area for gym equipment or – crazy idea – perhaps even a place to park the family minivan.

The only problem is, getting everything off the floor and onto shelves might not cut it, not unless you use mobile storage technology like Mobilex. Collapsible shelving shrinks down the surface area necessary for storage and opens up rest of the space for whatever your imagination can concoct. With double the storage at half the space, your garage can truly become the multipurpose room of your dreams.

Safe under lock and key

 There’s a reason why some of the things you store in the garage need to stay there. Hedge clippers, handsaws, pesticides – no one wants these supplies anywhere near their children or pets indoors. However, relegating them to the garage doesn’t exactly ensure around-the-clock protection. Most garages are just as accessible as anywhere else in a house, regardless of how messy they may be.

Many residential garage storage solutions include locking mechanisms for increased security. Key locks can be added to drawers and cabinets. A digital PIN pad can be equipped to any mobile storage unit. Intelligently designed lockable storage isn’t only about keeping family members away, but also neighborhood critters. After all, most garages are exposed to the elements more than the rest of the property, whether they’re attached to the house or free-standing. Implementing secure storage techniques stop a month’s supply of puppy chow from becoming a late night snack for local raccoons.

Founded in 1924, Montel is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of high-density mobile storage systems for a multitude of markets, including libraries, museums, industrial warehousing, education, healthcare, public safety, military, sports and indoor vertical farming.

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