Touchscreen technology has forever changed the ways people interact with all their favorite devices, and now, the same equipment can be used to help turn ordinary storage spaces into extraordinary ones.

All of Montel’s powered electric SafeAisle, SAFERAK and QuadraMobile electrical storage installations can be equipped with cutting-edge LCD touchscreens. But don’t be swayed too much by how good this top-of-the-line tech will look in your home or business – these features have an incredible range of capabilities and can do a lot of things traditional storage never could. If you’re thinking about investing in the next generation of storage, consider all the benefits touchscreen displays can add to your operation.

Let’s get technical

 Each module within a given shelving system receives its own 7-inch LCD touchscreen with 1024×600 resolution. The touchscreens are securely embedded into the end panel with a heavy-duty aluminum casing, as resilient as it is professional-looking. They have all the usability of the newest touchscreen tablets, because that’s exactly what they are. Anyone who has ever owned a personal touchscreen tablet will feel right at home, but the interface is so user-friendly, even those new to the touchscreen revolution will pick the controls up easily.

These touchscreens are compatible with SafeAisle, SAFERAK and QuadraMobile electrical and the optional ePulse remote monitoring software, as well as other safety and security technology already featured in the most popular installations. Touchscreens can also be a state-of-the-art alternative to push-button keypad controls or manual hand cranks.

It’s all in how you use it

 Apart from the convenience touchscreen technology is already known for, bringing innovative shelving designs into the mix opens up whole new avenues of functionality. Because of the advanced customization potential for control displays and screen savers in embedded storage system touchscreens, owners can have a lot of fun thinking up an endless list of practical applications for everyday use:

  • Libraries can electronically post and update their hours of operations for patrons, as well as directories
  • Business can notify employees of upcoming office events and other relevant workplace information
  • Retailers can alert customers to discounted items and store-wide sales
  • Coaches can ensure each player makes it to practice with schedules on every storage unit
  • Homeowners with personal mobile storage can show off their favorite family photos in high definition

Beyond these uses, touchscreen-powered mobile storage systems can also become a financial opportunity for any public venue. Local businesses looking to advertise through smart storage owners could take out ads at the ends of every aisle, creating a whole new revenue stream and a chance to generate substantial returns on investment. But this is just the tip of the iceberg – any of the aforementioned uses could include videos or animated material, taking full advantage of every pixel on these LCD displays. Boring, static signage can now be replaced by engaging colorful moving images and videos, breathing life into any environment.

Mobile storage with touchscreen displays brings a modern, tech-savvy look to any business, but more importantly, adds new levels of functionality to on-site operations for both owners, operators and patrons alike.

Founded in 1924, Montel is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of high-density mobile storage systems for a multitude of markets, including libraries, museums, industrial warehousing, education, healthcare, public safety, military, sports and indoor vertical farming.

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