What happens when cannabis degrades

Before we get into how to store your commercial cannabis, let’s first address what good storage practices ward against.

Proper storage is more than just preventing the paper around your joints from going stale. As cannabis products degrade, the chemicals within change. When exposed to sunlight or naturally oxidized, the psychoactive cannabinoid THC in flower, for example, will transform into the much less psychoactive cannabinol, or CBN, greatly reducing its intoxicating effects and taking on a more sedative or calming effect.

You likely have CBD and cannabinol products on your shelves, and for a lot of people they’re a life-changing antidote for their anxiety, insomnia, and even appetite issues. And if you’re shrewd, perhaps you have a plan for diverting aged and unsold high-THC flower into edibles, tinctures, balms, and so much more.

But if your customer bought a high-THC flower, they probably wanted high-THC flower, right? As a business owner, the first rule is to give the customer nothing less than what they want. Thoughtful storage custom-built around your unique needs as a dispensary, therefore, not only saves your product but also your reputation as the best dispensary in your neighborhood.

Dispensary storage from seed to success

Broadly speaking, as a dispensary owner, your two biggest enemies are humidity and light. Of course, if you sell baked goods or other infused foods, you’ll want to refrigerate those according to best practices, and good packaging will go a long way.

But even wrapped and enclosed, when it comes to flower, pre-rolls, oils, waxes, resins, or tinctures, you’ll still want to store everything in a cool, dry place in order to preserve its shelf life.

The best custom dispensary storage will, therefore, at a minimum:

  • Fit your product in its packaging efficiently.
  • Ventilate properly to avoid mold or mildew.
  • Enclose the product for preservation and security.

No matter how you plan to outfit your dispensary, Montel has designed high-density mobile storage systems and custom cabinetry and drawers with each of these requirements in mind and more.

Modular adjustability

As your products change, your storage can change with them, without special tools or appointments with repairpeople. You’ll always fit your dispensary storage, instead of being stuck with what you have.

Spoilage proof

Air out your products with perforated panels to keep them dry without overexposing them to light and customize them with antimicrobial powder-coated paint that matches your style. Use them behind the counter or on the sales floor.

Secure by design

To prevent loss and minimize handling, customize the locks on your dispensary storage to match your ideal security plan. A mobile racking system can double down on your security and minimize your storage footprint.

If you’re interested in exploring Montel storage solutions for your dispensary, reach out to your local Authorized Montel Distributor. They can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation, including 2D and 3D renderings so you can visualize and conceptualize your new layout.

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