Are you interested in mobile storage but can’t figure out how to fit the system into the very limited space you do have?

Then Montel’s SmartGlide high-density moveable shelving was designed for you. It’s perfect for places low on space but high on possibility. A perfect solution along walls or in confined spaces.

SmartGlide glides laterally and fits where any shelving can. Create a single push-and-glide modular system or layer it two deep or even three deep for more capacity. Add cabinets for the extra organization or lockable doors for privacy.

SmartGlide is available with either SmartShelf (4-post) shelving system for multiple environments. SmartGlide is easy to install, adjust, expand, and move, so when your needs change, your storage can adapt with you.

And SmartGlide systems are manufactured with Montel’s legendary standard for safety, with anti-tip devices built right into the rails—so strong they can even withstand an earthquake!

Ask an Authorized Montel Distributor about SmartGlide today. They’ll provide a free no-obligation consultation, including 2D and 3D renderings of what your new storage space could look like. Montel SmartGlide—its storage unlimited.

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