Innovations in Healthcare Storage Solutions

Hospital pharmacies dispense medicine, and the hospital staff members administer it. But what happens in the gray area between pharmacy and patient? After staff stocks anesthetics into a mobile workstation, for example, who is in charge of securing that station and maintaining its organization?

According to medical experts and speakers at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Midyear 2023 Clinical Meeting and Exhibition, that duty has fallen predominantly onto the shoulders of frontline nurses and clinicians. Unfortunately, those same healthcare heroes, the ones who saw us through COVID-19, who are stretched thin as it is.

How prevalent is burnout among nurses?

Sixty percent of them say their mental health has suffered because of the pandemic, and as many as 54 percent exhibit symptoms of burnout.

So the question that the healthcare industry has to ask is this: To prevent unsafe storage of costly, life-saving medicine and to protect patients, how can a hospital delegate this responsibility equitably instead of heaping more work on an already overburdened frontline staff?

Thankfully, the consensus is that something has to give, for the safety of patients and the peace of mind of healthcare workers everywhere. We at Montel understand that pharmaceutical shelving and mobile storage systems cannot fix the systemic issues addressed here. Still, we do believe that our custom solutions can support nurses and other staff while changes are underway, even encourage a pivot away from the past, and then empower that paradigm shift once it arrives.

Support through smarter medical storage

The philosophy of “forced function” attempts to place access barriers between hospital staff and the drugs locked in an organized mobile workstation or other storage device, which can look like keyed access points or scanning barcodes before accessing or administering powerful drugs.

So how do you place soft safeguards between staff and medication that help prevent accidents without stopping staff from saving lives? As you devise new methods for protecting patients and supporting pharmaceutical and front-line medical staff, consider how custom healthcare storage solutions can underpin these changes, adding unobtrusive organizational power to whatever system you devise.

From mobile storage systems for your hospital pharmacy, including adjustable shelving and lockable drawers and cabinets, to custom mobile workstations and medical carts, Montel is here to lighten the load for hospitals and collaborate on ways to protect their patients.

Reach out to your local Authorized Montel Distributor and ask about our free no-obligation consultation, which includes 2D and 3D renderings of how smarter healthcare storage will look and function in your space.

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