A New Take on a Classic Mobile Storage System

As the creators of innovative mobile storage solutions, Montel is always looking for ways to improve the storage constraints each industry faces. We design and install storage systems that are tailor made for each customer.

Our BULK&ROLL mechanical-assist mobile storage system has always been a favorite for our retail and lightweight industrial clients. Its open-concept stainless steel hardware, SafeCrank ergonomic handles, push-button locks, and double-wide racks make it one of our most optimized and accessible storage systems for retail inventory and certain industrial applications.

But had we ever thought about how well it could hold golf bags?

BULK&ROLL for Golf Bag Storage

Thanks to the imagination of Tabufile and the Riverside Country Club, Montel’s custom-built BULK&ROLL mobile storage system now brings the following features to Riverside members looking to securely store their clubs between rounds of golf (or rounds of gin and tonics):

  • Strong core: We engineer BULK&ROLL with our 4D wide-span light-duty steel racking, capable of carrying more than one ton per section.
  • Innovative design: With hidden chain mechanisms, glass-filled nylon wheels for earth-shattering compression resistance and no side members, BULK&ROLL was built to perform.
  • Safe operation: SafeCrank ergonomic handles gently open the BULK&ROLL with just a single pound of pressure, and their push-button locks keep the system open for safe golf bag retrieval.

Are you a country club or driving range hampered by more golf bags or clubs than you have space for? Don’t settle for par. Contact your local Authorized Montel Distributor and ask for our free no-obligation consultation. We’ll map your layout and provide 2D and 3D renderings for how to improve your space with a BULK&ROLL mobile storage system.

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