Marshall Davis, a sales manager at Shelf Image in Denver, Colorado, doesn’t fit the mold of a typical salesperson.

On any given workday, Marshall is chasing down vetted leads and making friends with local contractors and architects. He writes proposals, designs shelving systems, and checks in on in-progress installations. He pops in to visit with past clients. He’s not pitching. He just wants to say hello and ask how things are going. A little consideration goes a long way.

“We are really involved with our clients,” Marshall said. “We really care about customer service and building relationships.”


And that means you can’t promise your customers the moon and deliver anything less. In a competitive city like Denver, when a client asks for something special, delivering on that request does wonders for building strong relationships with your customers.

Montel couldn’t agree more, and that’s what makes our partnership with Shelf Image, an Authorized Montel Distributor, and Marshall’s team so powerful.


Marshall and his team installed a 10-foot-long SmartSpace storage system for the museum division of the town of Windsor, which had requested garment racks and pull-out trays. for its collection. The client asked if the pull-out trays could include doors. To Marshall’s knowledge, no client had ever asked for doors that big before. He shared his client’s wish with us, and we collaborated on the custom manufacture of doors to do the job.

And what about the record-breaking SmartShelf system that Shelf Image installed last February in the western archive of the Denver Public Library? The organization needed a storage system that could safely preserve large-format historial prints. Marshall and his team built them a dual carriage behemoth 50 feet long from end panel to end panel. Its mechanical-assist design allows a single person to open an aisle with minimal effort.

When the dust settled, Marshall couldn’t believe what his team accomplished.

“I could never do that with my other manufacturers before,” Marshall said. To his knowledge, no mechanical-assist system on the market went longer than 36 feet.

The Denver Public Library was so satisfied with their five-carriage mobile storage system that they immediately invested in another eight carriages to be installed later this year.

So what’s next Shelf Image? In 2020, the company will continue and keep helping their clients find the best storage solutions fitted for their needs. 

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