But did you know that smarter storage is also better for the environment?


Don’t expand; explore your options

Growing businesses outgrow their facilities as easily as hermit crabs outgrow their shells. But unlike hermit crabs, businesses cannot simply find another shell nearby. Expansion means the chaos of construction, time, money, disruptions in production and/or standard operation, and reorganization, but it also takes its toll on the environment through the burning of fossil fuels, the creation of wastewater, land consumption, and more.

Instead, these facilities should consider the difference an investment in mobile storage solutions could provide. Because of its collapsible design, high-density mobile shelving or racking is more spatially efficient than traditional static shelving, so facilities can store more with the same footprint or shrink their storage footprint without any sacrifice to on-site capacity.

Better utilizing on-site resources

Depending on your industry, optimized storage can help you use energy on site more intelligently and efficiently, a real boon to businesses who rely on cold storage and similarly energy-intensive technology.

Climate-controlled environments comprise a large portion of a facility’s energy footprint, so it’s important to utilize this expensive space intelligently. Whether you shrink your storage footprint, thus reducing the need for as much energy dedicated to climate-controlled spaces, or whether you maximize your storage, thus taking better advantage of the energy you do use, high-density mobile storage systems offer cost-cutting measures that ultimately serve the environment as well.

Green-certified storage solutions

Montel has received recognition for its space-saving mobile systems and its benefit to businesses and organizations as they make the shift to becoming more environmentally conscious:

Time and time again, we have invested year after year in the factory to protect the environment and putting in the efforts and resources to improve our environmental performance, we have also shown that our products contribute to greener commercial operations with LEED v4. It’s never enough for us to claim our high-density mobile storage and vertical farming solutions are green. We commit to putting our products to the test whenever and wherever possible.

Protect the planet with mobile storage systems

If you’re interested in learning more about how Montel high-density mobile storage systems can optimize energy consumption at your facility, contact your local Authorized Montel Distributor and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, which includes 2D and 3D renderings of your dream storage or food crops grow operation space.

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