How Montel Unlocked Hidden Space at the Ukrainian Museum

In June 2021, the Ukrainian Museum in New York City sought to overhaul its third-floor storage system and enhance its existing fabric hanging rack. Montel developed multiple storage solutions tailored to their diverse collection, which included systems for hanging furs and other clothing, textile racks, drawers for an egg collection, trays for prints, and various box storage solutions for sculptures and other items. The project resulted in a significant increase in storage capacity, addressing the museum’s critical space issues.

The Ukrainian Museum, established in 1976 by the Ukrainian National Women's League of America, is the largest museum outside Ukraine dedicated to appreciating, understanding, and preserving Ukrainian art and cultural heritage. Located at 222 E 6th St, New York, NY 10003, the museum houses a vast and diverse collection that requires efficient and effective storage solutions to ensure its preservation and accessibility.


The Ukrainian Museum faced a critical storage challenge, with artifacts dispersed across multiple floors and rooms, leading to inefficiencies and difficulties in collection management. The museum needed a comprehensive storage solution to consolidate its items, optimize space usage, and enhance the accessibility of its collections. Montel was tasked with providing diverse storage systems to meet these needs.


To address the Ukrainian Museum's storage challenges, Montel implemented the following systems:

  • Aetnastak System for Wall Storage
    • Designed for the museum's vertical wall spaces, maximizing available height for storage.
  • MOBILEX® System with Smartshelf Units and Doors for Clothing Collection
    • Provided a versatile and secure solution for hanging and storing various clothing items.
  • MOBILEX® System for Textile Storage
    • Specialized units for organizing and preserving delicate textiles.
  • MOBILEX® System with Smartshelf for Box Storage
    • Flexible storage for boxes containing diverse artifacts allows easy reconfiguration as needed.
  • MOBILEX® System with Trays for Prints<
    • Tailored trays to safely store and protect prints and other flat items.
  • Free-Standing Smartshelf Units Along the Perimeter
    • Utilized previously underutilized perimeter spaces for additional storage, perfect for sculptures and small items.
  • Smartshelf with Drawers for Egg Storage
    • Custom drawers for the egg collection, with additional garment rods above for clothing storage.

Implementing these storage solutions resulted in a 30% increase in storage capacity, significantly improving the museum's ability to manage and preserve their collections. The perimeter shelves were particularly successful for storing sculptures and small items, optimizing previously wasted space.

The redevelopment of the Ukrainian Museum's storage system showcases the importance of tailored storage solutions in enhancing the functionality and capacity of museum storage. Through the implementation of various Montel systems, the museum has successfully addressed its space issues, providing a more efficient and accessible storage environment for its valuable collections. Continued assessment and adjustment of storage allocation will ensure the museum can fully leverage these improvements to preserve and showcase Ukraine's artistic and cultural heritage. The project has laid a foundation for more efficient collection management and preservation, though ongoing adjustments may be needed to balance storage across different types of artifacts.

For museums, archives, and organizations facing similar storage challenges, Montel's approach offers a blueprint for success. Our adaptable, high-capacity storage systems are designed to meet diverse needs, ensuring that your collections are preserved and easily accessible. Let the Ukrainian Museum's success story inspire you to explore how Montel's products can revolutionize your storage capabilities, maximizing your space and safeguarding your treasures for future generations.

Discover the difference that smart, customized storage solutions can make.

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