Cleared for Takeoff: 4 Reasons Why Montel Mobile Racking Is Built For Aviation

High-density powered mobile racking has already revolutionized how aerospace titans Airbus and Zenith Aviation store and access their spare parts inventories.

SafeAisle, Mobilex, RACK&ROLL, SAFERAK—we can match your operation with the mechanical-assist or powered high-density mobile racking system best suited to let your business soar.

Here’s what a mobile racking system from Montel can do for your warehouse.



1. Do the heavy lifting

Few industrial storage solutions on the market are designed with the weight, size, and shape of jet engines and cowling in mind. 

Our mobile racking systems combine tons of carrying capacity per carriage with deep racks to fit your heaviest, bulkiest spare parts efficiently and safely.

2. Protect your assets

Although size and weight matter, aircraft manufacturers must also store sensitive and highly technical electronic equipment—and that’s to say nothing of the men and women who move the stock.

Montel’s patented SafeAisle sensors can detect forklifts, warehouse employees, pallets, and anything else that might find its way into an open aisle. Without no built-in override, the triggered sensor safely locks down the entire system to protect people and products.



3. Provide remote access via mobile

Aircraft manufacturing and maintenance is a 24/7 job. You can’t stop moving, and your racking solution shouldn’t stand in your way of providing safe air travel to commercial flyers around the world. But it all starts with helping your workers on the ground effortlessly access the parts they need.

Smartphone or tablet controls mounted on forklifts allow operators to open the aisles of your powered mobile racking system en route, saving time and keeping the wheels of your operation turning.

4. Maximize storage capacity

From our smallest mobile shelving systems to our largest high-density industrial installations, all Montel products save space. But what does that mean for aircraft manufacturers in particular? 

First, optimizing your storage capacity means no unnecessary and costly expansions. Second, at a time when so many aircraft manufacturers are concerned with meeting their environmental objectives, maximizing space is an excellent way to keep your carbon footprint as low as it can go.

Want to effectively double your available storage space without expanding? Check out our full catalog of mobile storage and racking solutions today.


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