When Luce and Philippe Frenette were little, Montel was the place where their dad worked.

Now, more than 30 years later, Montel means so much more.


Back in the day, when Montel needed a technical expert to draft drawings for important installations, their father,Jean-Guy Frenette, was the man to talk to. He rose through the ranks, becoming a production manager and lead technical support specialist for international sales. Eventually, in 2003, he went on to start his own business, Raysource, as an Authorized Montel Distributor.


Now co-owners of Raysource, sister and brother team Luce and Philippe Frenette have carried on the legacy their father began nearly twenty years ago.

Philippe, Luce, and their experienced team follow a simple formula for success: listen actively to the client’s needs during the sales process, answer their stated needs during the drafting phase, manufacture to spec, perform a seamless installation, and follow up after so the client knows you’re there for them. As easy as it sounds, Raysource and the Frenette family, with their combined technical expertise and a reputation for excellence spanning two decades, have turned customer service into an artform.


What helps is a love of the product. The Frenettes are fans of Montel’s Mobilex mobile storage system, the “backbone of what we do,” according to Philippe. He fondly remembers installing Mobilex systems back when he was fourteen years old, and to this day he still maintains contact with clients who have Mobilex systems older than he is. Sure, they won’t have the bells and whistles of Montel’s newer systems, but they are nonetheless a testament to how reliable and timeless these mobile storage solutions are.


And the best way to honor the past is to use it to shape the future. The Frenettes are excited about how Montel vertical farming solutions are taking the agricultural market by storm. The principles of mobile storage and racking—optimizing space to maximize operations—are equally valuable to farmers as they are to warehouses, libraries, sports teams, health care facilities, and any business that has anything worth storing intelligently.

But just like the Raysource team has been doing for decades, it all starts with meeting the client where they are and understanding what they want from their Montel system. New needs present new challenges, but new challenges lead to opportunities once thought impossible. What if a town or city that used to depend on imported produce could, through maximized vertical farming, become more self-sufficient and self-sustaining? Thanks to the vision and follow-through of Raysource, backed by Montel’s industry-leading technology, maybe one day soon these dreams will become reality for everyone.


Montel would like to thank Raysource for being an integral and dependable member of the Montel family for generations.



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