“Out of office” is the new “in the office”

After more than two years of telecommuting, employees have acclimated to working from home, so well that employers are adjusting accordingly.


One study estimated that while the average employee worked from home once a month between 2017 and 2018, the post-COVID work-from-home norm will settle at once a week at least.


Operating at eighty percent of your previous capacity means one of two things: either you’re going to downsize your footprint to save money or you’re going to recapture that space and dedicate it to other, more valuable purposes.

Investment in working from home paid in full

The pandemic necessitated immediate investment in working from home—back-end operational channels, audio-visual equipment for online meetings, office furniture for the home, hardware and software updates, and more. Without this initial investment, shouldered by both the business and its employees, there would likely be no business at all.


With that investment already spoken for, what comes next is all possibility. Will the business downsize and recuperate its expenses earlier in the pandemic? Has the business already recuperated those 

What is office space in this new era in business?

Depending on your industry and your plans for revolutionizing office space in the post-COVID, high-density mobile storage systems can be the cornerstone of your new operations.


Whether you’re consolidating administrative resources under one roof or expanding IT capabilities for underpinning stronger telework, high-density mobile storage can help you reduce your overall footprint, saving you money, and take advantage of space formerly dedicated to desks or conference rooms, as businesses pare down or reimagine their layouts.


For more information, contact your local Authorized Montel Distributor. They will walk you through our catalog of space-saving technology and can even provide a free, no-obligation consultation, including 2D and 3D renderings of how a high-density mobile storage system will look and function in your facility.

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