HEC Montréal rewrites the book on library storage with help from Montel

HEC Montreal has it all - a beautiful campus, diverse student body and innovative educative resources. What it didn't have, however, was state-of-the-art library storage. But things have changed.
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Internationally acclaimed management school HEC Montréal has it all – a beautiful campus, diverse student body and innovative educative resources.

What HEC Montréal didn’t have, however, was a state-of-the-art library storage system, one that met the high academic standards set by faculty and allowed learners to take full advantage of its collection of 300,000 monograph reference books and 1,400 periodicals.

Montel helped HEC take that next step with a brand-new SafeAisle powered mobile shelving system with Aetnastak cantilever library shelving. Of all the extraordinary features mobile storage solutions provide, what excites Louise Labelle, an HEC Montréal librarian for 30 years, the most?

Saves space for collaborative work
Today’s libraries are far more than just buildings brimming with bookshelves. Education modern libraries promise couldn’t survive without computer labs, multimedia assets and additional room for collaborative and independent study. HEC Montréal’s library even has its own stock market exchange trading room!

Needless to say, library staff must either find space for all these new tools or expand at a high cost. With its accordion design, powered mobile shelving condenses storage areas once consumed by legacy resources. Students retain access while the library continues to prioritize the future of higher education at every opportunity.

Easy to use (for students who have better things to do)
Students come to the library to learn, not spend time troubleshooting. Unresponsive or finicky library technology can sideline important research papers or class projects. Why waste the brainpower or a librarian’s precious attention?

Each mobile shelving carriages comes with an intuitive LED-backlit controller mounted on both end panels. Students and staff need only press the arrow corresponding to the aisle they’d like opened and voilà – instant access.

Safety above all else
Of course, smart mobile shelving systems don’t just open and close willy-nilly. HEC Montréal’s mobile library storage, for example, uses Montel’s patented Aisle LED Guard technology (Patent No. 9,507,050) to prevent units from closing aisles with people or objects in between.

Sensors run the full length and width of the aisle along the bottom of the shelves. Once the LED beam is severed, the shelves lock in place. They cannot be overridden until the aisle is completely clear. Users wondering why their aisles won’t close can read information off the displays accompanying each end-panel controller. That way, everyone stays informed. Isn’t that what libraries are all about?

“Who knew powered mobile shelving could use electricity so intelligently?”

Energy efficiency
Who knew powered mobile shelving could use electricity so intelligently? Every mobile shelving unit on HEC Montréal’s library storage installation has its own independent aisle entry people counter. These devices activate the lights when one person enters, then turns the lights off once every counted user leaves. Because this special lighting only uses energy as needed, HEC Montréal cuts back on its consumption and saves money in operating costs.

Encourages good library traffic
Let’s take a second to think like Louise. She and her staff handle visits from 400,000 students every year with 12,000 registered students popping by regularly to work and learn. That’s a lot of people coming and going, staying and milling about.

So how do you stop so many patrons from overtaking the facility and causing congestion? By encouraging the free flow of movement in and out of the stacks. Montel’s space-saving mobile shelving system not only opens extra room around the main area, it invites library-goers with accessibility in all directions by utilizing every entrance and exit thanks to the installation’s dual-access entry.

Endlessly customizable and adjustable cantilever library shelving
Of course, visitors might not need every book in HEC Montréal’s full catalog every day. As certain collections fall out of fashion, librarians need the ability to switch up storage without buying completely new shelving.

Montel’s mobile shelving gives HEC staff the freedom to reorganize at their leisure with 1-inch incremental adjustability on every shelves. Better yet, shelves don’t need fancy tools to be moved.

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