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Healthcare Rehab Clinics Mobile Shelving Storage

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Cover All Your Rehab Clinic’s Storage Needs with Montel’s Industry-Leading Shelving Solutions for Medical Materials, Supplies and Equipment


Helping to provide patients at rehab clinics with the care they need can be a challenge. The medical, social and psychological aspects of recovery are more than enough to keep your staff busy. To help make their job easier, and to deliver more effective service to your valued patients, you need a storage system that takes care of all your shelving and racking needs in an optimal manner.


With Montel, your storage items are in good hands, be they sterile supplies, medical accessories or any other material or equipment. Our intelligent, ergonomic systems have established themselves as world leaders in the shelving field. Why? Because they tick all the key storage boxes: more capacity, better organization, less space, enhanced security, reduced maintenance and more. All of these will simplify life for your staff, consolidate your resources and ramp up your productivity.


Whether it’s one of our filing, shelving or racking solutions, you can count on Montel’s products to double your storage capacity by making more efficient use of your rehab clinic’s available space. Our products—whether modular stand-alone filing units such as the Quadral system or high-density powered mobile shelving systems for large-scale applications such as Mobilex—will open up more room to devote to your clinic’s primary mission.


Montel storage solutions also offer you tremendous flexibility by featuring mobile, modular, expandable and reconfigurable options. Tailor them to match your clinic’s precise needs, whatever they are: sterile supplies, medical accessories and equipment, or other materials. With numerous standard and safety features also available to further customize your systems, Montel’s solutions will help you kick the habit of inefficient storage once and for all.


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