RACK&ROLL 16MA Mechanical-Assist Industrial Mobile Storage System
RACK&ROLL 16MA 4D Wide Span
Product Rack&Roll
Product Rack&Roll
Product Rack&Roll

RACK&ROLL 16MA Heavy-Duty Mechanical-Assist Storage System

Make the most of your industrial warehouse storage. With RACK&ROLL 16MA mechanical-assist mobile storage system, recover half or more of your useful area or double your storage capacity in the same space.

System Capacity

System Capacity
Up to 16,000 lb per double deep rack section (7,258 kg).


By transferring your racking to heavy-duty industrial mobile carriages, maximize the efficiency and minimize the costs of your warehouse storage space. RACK&ROLL 16MA system allows you to increase your capacity or create more room for production and other activities. This high-capacity, high-performance solution can free up over 50% of your existing storage area by compacting your racking and eliminating wasteful aisle space.

With RACK&ROLL 16MA, there’s a rapid return on your investment. The high-density mobile racking pallet system enables you to lower production costs, streamline workflow and improve inventory management by consolidating the organization of your materials and reconfiguring your floor space. What’s more, it can be customized to suit the needs of your industry.



Our RACK&ROLL 16MA mechanical-assist mobile storage system offer several unique features such as:

  • A rail embedded in concrete or fixed on a base.
  • A 3-spoke rotating SafeCrank handle with soft-touch knobs, with an aisle safety push-button located at the core.
  • 16,000 lbs (7,257 kg) of capacity per double rack section, with a maximum carriage length of 45 feet (13.7 m.).
  • Safety features which ensure compliance with the most stringent regulations.
  • A large selection of accessories allows user-friendly installation and operation.
  • Our advanced patented Aisle LED Guard Technology™.
  • Optional ePulse™ remote monitoring software allowing configuration and remote monitoring of the aisles.


We designed our RACK&ROLL 16MA mechanical-assist mobile storage system with the following benefits in mind:

  • Designed to enhance efficiency and productivity by optimizing your storage.
  • Prevent costs due to the need to buy, build or rent additional space for storage.
  • A safe investment that yields high returns.
  • An eco-friendly solution, since it contributes to a more sustainable workspace by reducing your warehousing’s energy consumption and environmental impact.

Optional Accessories

Aisle Safety Brake

Aisle Safety Brake

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Industrial Storage Solutions

Montel's industrial mobile storage systems are engineered to provide durability and improve the bottom line for industrial facilities by saving space.

Why choose montel Storage Solutions?

get results from your square feet: Fast ROI

Why choose montel

Save at least 50% of your value generating space

work with storage-savvy experts

Why choose montel

we manufacture the one and only solution: the best one

total offer customized to your needs

Why choose montel

We will go to any weight, length, depth, width or height

better organize your skus

Why choose montel


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